Corrigé Anglais LV1 LVO LVA - Bac L Liban 2016

Corrigé Anglais LV1 LVO LVA - Bac L Liban 2016

Nous vous proposons le corrigé d'Anglais LV1 du Bac L du Liban 2016.

Notre professeur a répondu à toutes les questions de compréhension écrite en rapport avec les documents proposés. Que vous ayez choisi Anglais LV1 LVO ou Anglais LV1 LVA, vous trouverez dans cette correction d'Anglais LV1 tous les sujets d'expression écrite rédigés.

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Corrigé Anglais LV1 LVO LVA - Bac L Liban 2016

Le contenu du document


Tous les candidats traitent les questions 1 à 6.


1. Make a list of the characters

a) who are present. Mrs Weston and George Weston

b) who are mentioned. Robbie the Robot, Gloria

2. Say how these characters are all related.

Gloria is the daughter of Mrs weston and her husband George. Robbie is the Robot they bought two years ago to look after the baby.

3. a) Explain what the main characters are talking about.

The main characters are talking about Mrs Weston's concerns about the reliability of Robbie, the robot in charge of looking after their daughter Gloria.

b) Say how the conversation illustrates the general atmosphere.

Out of the two parents, Mrs Weston is the one who is most worried, and she shows her concern by using insistent phrases to get her husband's attention. He pretends he doesn't know why she worries but l.33 an "involuntary nervous shiver" betrays his true feelings.

4) Choosing among the following adjectives, qualify the general atmosphere from line 1 to line 14. Justify with examples.

warm – tense – friendly – congenial – heavy – hostile - relaxed

Hostile: Mr Weston uses swearwords ("I'm damned sure" l.13, "Damn sight cleverer" l.14)

Tense : Mrs Weston is very insistent ("Will you put down that paper and look at me?" l5, "snatched it away"l.15-16)

Heavy: Mrs Weston is very worried ("I won't have my daughter entrusted to a machine" l.17, "It has no soul" l.18 "Something might go wrong" l.29 "the awful thing will go berserk" l.30-31)

5. Line 8: “It’s Gloria and that terrible machine.”

a) Say what the “machine” is used for. 'the machine' is used for Robbie the robot.

b) Did the two main characters want to buy the “machine” for the same reason at first ? Yes, they both agreed at the time that buying Robbie was a fashionable thing to do and made sense because it would free Mrs Weston.

c) Do they both want to keep the “machine” ? No, now Mrs Weston wants to get rid of 'the machine', but Mr Weston disagrees.

6. Contrast their opinions about the advantages and the inconveniences of the “machine”. Justify by quoting the text.

According to Mrs Weston, Robbie's main advantages at first were that he was "fashionable" (l.23) and that he made her life easier by "taking a load off" her (l.22). As for Mr Weston, he is reassured by the fact that "the machine" was built specifically to look after children and to be "loving and kind" (l.27). However, They are both worried about the fact that the robot "has no soul" (l.18), even though Mr Weston refuses to admit it out loud, he still feels a "nervous shiver" (l.33) at the thought.

Les candidats de la série L qui composent au titre de la LVO (Langue Vivante Obligatoire) traitent la question 7.

7. Line 27: “He just can’t help being faithful and loving and kind.”

What does “can’t help” imply ?

"Can't help" here implies that Robbie has no choice but to be kind and loving, that there is absolutely no other possibility for him, because he is a machine and cannot deviate from its original programme.

Seuls les candidats de la série L qui composent au titre de la LVA (Langue Vivante Approfondie) traitent la question 8.

8. Lines 26-28: “His entire “mentality” has been created for the purpose. […] He’s a machine – made si. That’s more than you can say for humains”

a) Why is the word “mentalily” mentione? The word mentality is used here in the same sentence as "created" (l.26) to insist on the fact that although Robbie may seem human, he is in fact a machine whose thoughts were manufactured by its creators. And that is why Robbie is a logical individual.

b) By contrast, how does the character consider human being? By contrast, Mr Weston seems to consider human beings as unreliable and less kind that the robot.

Tous les candidats traitent les questions 9 à 11.


9. Mention the benefits of the “N.L.S.” oN-Line System.

The N.L.S. is an online system aimed at making human collaboration easier by capturing knowledge and organizing it.

10. Answer the following questions. Justify by quoting the text.

a) Is the NLS a precursor of the internet? Yes, "the project, in other words, was an early version of the Internet." (l.9)

b) Are Shakey and the NLS two different programmes? Yes, "decamped to another research group" (l.3)

c) Why did Bill Duval abandon the programme related to Sharkey? Because he was "frustrated with the limitations of the robotics project" (l.2)

11. Lines 12-14, “Bill Duvall,” as Markoff puts it, “would become the first to make the leap from research to replace humans with computers to using computers to augment the human intellect.”

Explain what this quote means.

This quote means that before Duvall no one had gone from a robotics project to a project where computers were used to help human intelligence instead of imitating and replacing it.

Les candidats de la série L qui composent au titre de la LVO (Langue Vivante Obligatoire) traitent la question 12.

12. Document B, lines 21-22: ‘One approach supplants humans with an increasingly powerful blend of computer hardware and software.’

Explain the relationship implied between humans and computers.

The relationship implied in this quote is one of competition between humans and computers, with computers becoming progressively more efficient than human beings.

Seuls les candidats de la série L qui composent au titre de la LVA (Langue Vivante Approfondie) traitent la question 13.

13. Document A, line 18: ‘It has no soul, and no one knows what it may be thinking.’

What could be contradictory in this quote?

If Robbie has no soul, then how can he be thinking unknown thoughts? If he is truly just a machine which acts according to pre-programmed guidelines in its code, can it have independent thoughts? That is the potential contradiction in Mrs Weston's sentence.

Tous les candidiats traitent la question 14.


14. How are the dangers mentioned in document B echoed in document A? (40 words)

Document B mentions the danger of computers becoming more efficient than us and replacing us. This concern is echoed in document A when Mr Weston states that Robbie is a better childminder than a human being because he was created for this sole purpose.


Les candidats de la série L qui composent au titre de la LVO (Langue Vivante Obligatoire) traitent les sujets 1 ET 2.

1. One of the two main characters in document A writes an article on Robbie’s first day with the Weston family for the local newspaper. (150 words) 


As anyone with toddlers know, finding the right person to look after them while you're at work is a challenge. How do you know that the person you're interviewing is competent? How can you be sure that he or she is not going to suddenly lose patience and snap at your child, or worse?

Built in Patience

With Robbie, my wife and I are sure that our daughter will always be perfectly looked after. Indeed, this robot was specifically and solely designed to look after children. Not only does it have to obey the First Law of Robotics which prevents all robots from harming humans, but it is also made to be kind and thoughtful. No worries, no distractions, no mistakes.

Robbie may have been fairly expensive but now my wife and I can leave the house knowing that our daughter is safe and well-looked after by someone whose sole purpose in life is to keep her safe and happy.

2. Can technology expand our intellectual, economic and social life as implied in document B, lines 23-24? (150 words)

There are many ways in which technology expands our intellectual, economic and social life. The first example that comes to mind is Google's search engine. Whatever you want to know, from the most trivial to the most scientific question, you can get a good basic understanding of it in a few seconds after googling it. Wikipedia also gives a good introduction to most subjects and studies have shown that its accuracy rate is no worse tha traditional encyclopedias.

Economically speaking, technology enables such innovations as e- and m-commerce which expand the possibility for buying and selling things.

As far as social expansion is concerned, we may think of Facebook, Skype, Twitter or other mobile applications which make it easier than before to keep in touch with our social circles, or even expand it. 

Yet we must never forget that all of these useful applications are ruled by algorithms and that if we don't mae an effort to understand how they work, we are like sheep blindly following others without being able to make our own choices.

Seuls les candidats de la série L qui composent au titre de la LVA (Langue Vivante Approfondie) traitent le sujet 3.

3. To what extent does technology contribute to human progress? Support your arguments with examples. (300 words)

Nowadays, technology is often used as a synonym for progress. The more apps we use, the more software we integrate into our everyday devices, the better. Or so most people spontaneously think. But are there any downsides to having so much technology integrated into our lives?

The first way in which technology contributes to human progress is by replacing humans for repetitive tasks, such as robots on assembly lines in factories. Although machines have regularly been seen as threats by workers, a more optimistic point of view consists in considering that replacing humans for such tasks frees them from difficult conditions and gives them the opportunity to work on more complex problems. 

Another way in which technology support human development is by enhancing and supporting human intelligence. Internet is a good example of this second technological effect in our lives. By organizing and making accessible content produced by human beings, it allows anyone to access a wealth of information and knowledge which they can use to support and develop their ideas and projects. 

Besides, technology does not only allow people to access knowledge and information, it also allows like-minded people to connect together and pool their resources in order to be more effective. Crowdfunding websites for instance, allow people to come together to fund projects or inventions they believe in. 

However, I believe that technology only contributes to human progress as long as human beings understands how it works. Otherwise, most people become uncritical users of technology who no longer realize that technology can also be used to create barriers. The Google search engine for instance, customizes your search results according to you research history, and so, by giving you only what you like or what you expect, it effectively reinforces your existing bias.

As a conclusion, technology is, I believe a force for progress, but only as long as it remains a tool which we can use or discard as needed. Otherwise we become its slaves, relying upon technology for everything, unable to function without it.

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