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Correction Notion Idea of Progress

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12 Avril 2018 à 11:05
Bonjour à tous, je dois préparer ma notion d'anglais "Idea of progress" pour la rentrée. Quelqu'un pourrait-il m'aider à corriger mes fautes et me dire si mes propos sont pertinents ? Merci d'avance !

My presentation is going to deal with the “Idea of progress”. Indeed, progress can have different meanings, but in general it entails anything which improves our living conditions and society. It can be political, with the development of democracy and the guarantee of liberties, freedom and human rights. Most of the time, we associate progress with technological innovation and achievements. They contribute to the improvement of our working conditions, material comfort and well-being. In class we studied today’s robots, in fact, we are trying to make more and more companion robots, which are more intelligent, with more abilities and more efficient. Moreover, the idea of progress is still subject to debate between those who consider that it’s beneficial and those who think it’s harmful. Therefore, we may ask : should we fear progress ? To answer this question, on the one hand, I’ll mention differents documents that illustrate the many uses of robots and on the other hand I will depict the limits of this system which focus around today’s robots.

First of all, we studied in class two excerpt from the documentary film “A world without humans” by Philippe Borrel. This work allows us to discover the robot Matilda which have different uses. In the first place, it is uses to hire employee in a more precise way. Indeed, the robot asks questions and analyzes the answers by using face recognition thanks to two cameras which are its eyes. It’s more precise than human eyes and detects minutes changes in the applicant’s face to apply for a job. It can help understand how the applicant works and behaviour at work so make the right decision. It the second place, Matilda can be useful in an elderly people’s home. In fact, it can entertain the elderly people, for instance by paying bingo. Throughout the excerpt, we can see Matilda converse with an old lady, advice people on their health or read the newspaper. Finally we studied in class an interview with a robot named Sophia. It’s an interview uploaded by the American TV channel CNBC presenting Sophia, a social humanoid robot fitted with an artificial intelligence. It appears that she is excited to be surrounded by smart, rich and powerful people. Furthemore, she is capable to show many expression to communicate with people, for example she can smile, laugh or let us know if she is angry. During the interview, Sophia explain her objective, I quote : “I want to use my artificial intelligence to help humans live a better life, like build better cities of the future”. Moreover, wisdom, kindness and compassion are human values that composes her artificial intelligence. Therefore, I may add that Sophia was made citizen of Saudi Arabia, a country where women were only recently allowed to drive; as a result we must wonder what are the limits of this system which focus around those robots.

Indeed, this set of documents encourage us to wonder about the limits off robotics. For instance in the case of Matilda, robots guarantee no social interaction. There is no place for improvisation, every question needs to be programmed into the robot software and so the answers cannot be developed. In this way, we may talk about an excerpt from “Reason”, a science fiction novel written by Isaac Asimov and published in 1941. The story takes place in a space station where human want robots to replace them and manage the station without any human intervention, because it’s too dangerous for them to work here. There are 3 characters in the story : a robot which is called Cutie and a human called Powell. There is another human executive in the station, whose name is unknown and who is only mentioned. Cutie is the most intelligent robot ever made and it has been thinking about his origins. It believes that humans were unable to create hum but rather that the station computer made him. Cutie thinks humans will disappear, then robots will take control of the stations. In the meantime, humain will be treated as pets as long as they don’t rebel. Therefore, this excerpt evokes a society completely focused on robots that controls everything while humans are considerate as pets. This novel make people aware that robots can make evolue our society but can also harm human being. As a result, human being could be subservient to machine and be replace by them.

To sum up, I think progress is neither good neither bad because it’s essential to evolve and it’s indispensable for our comfort. The importance is how we use progress; indeed progress can be dangerous when it is abused or out of control. Finally, this set of document, while illustrating the nocion Idea of progress, can also illustrate the nocion Seats and forms of power.
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16 Avril 2018 à 10:00
Salut SamAile, je pense que tu auras plus de succès sur notre site d'aide aux devoirs suivant : bon courage Smile

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