Dossier anglais TL - The idea of progress
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Dossier anglais TL - The idea of progress

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10 Juillet 2018 à 19:28
Salut ! J'ai passé mes oraux de langue cette année et au lieu de les jeter je préfère les partager pour aider des terminales L de l'année prochaine et aider pour l'inspiration. Pour info, j'ai pris anglais LV2 pour le bac donc si il y a des fautes désolée ! je vous présente ici la notion The idea of progress. J'avais pris un document personnel qui était une affiche féministe connue montrant une femme en chemise avec un bandana rouge disant "we can do it" (j'éspère que vous voyez de quoi je parle haha) Very Happy.

I will explain the notion the idea of progess. The idea of progress can be defined as an improvement, a development or a change. To illustrate this notion, I have chosen the subject of the families. How does the evolution of the society influence family structures ? First I will explain what was a traditional family before and then, I will see what changes known the society and why we can say they influenced families.
At the beginning of the 20th century, couples were remained married until death and couples had many children. Moreover, women were not allowed in high school and college and had marital duties. In the 1920s, there was a change because of World War 1. Indeed, a lot of women raised her children alone, there were many singles women. Also, at this period there was the Great Depression, the consequence of this depression was a massive unemployed so many families became poor and men had no jobs anymore, they were more at home and lost their autority.

After, during the W.W.II, there were not many birth because of the war and because of it, women did men’s work and children doesn’t have paternal figure. But there was a big change : women had the right of vote in 1944. We have an example of a typical family is these years with the painting from Norman Rockwell wich is entitled Freedom from Want. This painting represented as a family about to eat. We see a family, with two main characters who seems to be the grandparents. There is a turkey in the middle of the table. We can think it is Thanksgiving. We see that the grandfather is at the end of the table, he is presiding over the meal and the grandmother is taking the turkey on the table, she is in charge of the meal. This painting is a good representation of the family structure at this period because it shows that each family member has a defined role.

In the 1950s, the basical family structure was two parents and two children. It was called the nuclear family and in that time thee were many caracteristics concerning families. For example, we learn in the document Traditional Families that divorce rate dropped, the age of mariage fell, the birth rate soared and women were financially dependent on their husband. Women must to be perfect housewifes and perfect mothers.

But fortunatly, there was a change concerning families and especially concerning women places. Indeed, in the 1960s, it was the beginning of the emancipation of women with for example pills and the right of abortion. It was the hippie and feminism movements and it was the equality between men and women. My personal document illustrates this feminism movement. We see a woman who show that she is strong and she merit equality. This poster is a symbol of the gender equality and women’s rights. Women fought for have the same rights than men and against their image of perfect housewifes. Also, they claimed their woman place. Moreover at this period, it was the sexual liberation and there were more single-sex couples.

Nowadays, the society had very evolved. Indeed, there are for example many unmarried couples and couples without children and dicorce is commonplace. Also there are differents sorts of families structures and not only one like the nuclear family. For example, nowadays, single-sex families can have children and there are many single-parent families. I think it’s good to have different sort of families and not only one because it show that there is not a typical family structure. Concerning women, they are almost the same rights that men. Indeed, even the are not considered as perfect housewifes like in the 1950s, we know that a woman gains 19% less than a man for the same job. It show that even if the situation had evolved, there is still porgress to do.

To conclude, family structures had evolved thanks to the society. But we see that there is still a progress to do with the TV series for example. Indeed, if we take american series like American Dad or the Simpsons, we see that the nuclear family is still valid. In those series, families are composed of one father, who works, one mother, represented as a perfect housewife and two or three children. Well, with those examples we can ask ourselves if family structures had really evolved or is it just an image.

Voilà, bonne chance et encore désolée pour les fautes !Rolling Eyes
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