Dossier Littérature anglaise TL - Monsters in literature
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Dossier Littérature anglaise TL - Monsters in literature

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10 Juillet 2018 à 19:02
Salut ! J'ai passé mes oraux de langue cette année et au lieu de les jeter je préfère les partager pour aider des terminales L de l'année prochaine et aider pour l'inspiration. Pour info, j'ai pris anglais LV2 pour le bac donc si il y a des fautes désolée ! Smile Je vous donne ici le dossier Monsters in literature. Mes 2 documents étudiés en classe étaient un texte du livre Frankenstein de Mary Shelley et le second était un extrait de Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde par Stevenson. Mon document personnel était l'affiche du film Frankenwennie de Tim Burton.

I am going to present the notion Monsters in literature. First it is very common to have monsters in literature, especially in gothic literature. But is the monster in a gothic story always a bad person ? First, I will analyze the representation of monsters in gothic literature and then I will explain that their personnality is actually very contrasted.

There are many caracteristics of the gothic literature like the athmosphere for example, which is composed of a lot of mystery and suspens but also the characters. Indeed, they are represented as cold and misterious and we often don’t know a lot about them, for example in the first extract of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. In this extract we see that the main character is represented as a a lonely and disturbed person because of words like « destroy » l.1 or « enemy » l.2. We see that he is in a dark state of mind. He looks sad and devastated. We see he wants to be the most powerful man in the world, he wants to explore the unexplored « explore unknown powers » chapter 3. Moreover, he uses strong words like « hurricane » chapter 4 for describes his fellings. It shows that he is very determined and sure of him.

Moreover, in the extract of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Stevenson, we see that the main character is very frightening because he seems to not have the control of himself, he knows he has two personnalities « the two natures that contended in the field of my consciousness » l.15.There are no exclamations, he speaks with a lot of calm, this adds to the fact that it seems frightening. Also, Dr Jekyll is mad, we see that with the lexical field of madness like « distress » l.5, « sorrow » l.8 or « remorse » l.21. His madness is caracterised by his double personnality and the fact that he knows it.

We saw with those examples that in gothic literature, the characters are very frightening and disturbed. Their personnality are very mysterious and it renforces by the atmosphere of those stories.

But in gothic literature, the main character can be also normal and more close to us. For example the Victor Frankenstein of the Tim Burton’s movie. This movie called Frankenwennie tell the story of Frankenstein, a little lonely boy, whose have for only friend his dog Sparky. But one day, Sparky gets crushed and Victor decided to bring him back to life tanks to the electricity. Even Victor is very lonely like Dr Jekyll or the Frankenstein of Mary Shelley, he is not frightening and we are touching by him. He did not seems mad but he only wants to bring back his friend. Moreover, Sparky did not seems as a monster or only the apparance because in this movie he is not a bad character but but he's quite endearing.

To conclude the monsters in gothic literature are not always bad person. Indeed, even they seems mad, they are especially lonely and disturbed and their personnality are very contrasted. For writted or created those stories, we can think that the authors were influenced by something like experience in their own lives ( like nightmares). And when they created their monsters, they maybe wanted to denunce the society. Well, we can ask ourselves of those monsters be seen as a denunciation of something ?

N'oubliez pas l'ouverture car les questions de l'examinateur auront souvent un rapport avec celle-ci (les ouvertures en rapport avec l'actualité sont très bien vues) ! Voilà, bonne chance et encore désolée pour les fautes. Rolling Eyes

(Pour info pour la LELE il faut 2 documents étudiés en cours et un document personnel et il faut choisir 2 notions sur les 3 étudiées durant l'année).
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13 Mars 2019 à 19:45
Salut Yunalb !
Merci pour ce partage, ton dossier m'a beaucoup aidé.
Quelle est la note que tu as reçu pour ton examen ? Es-tu tombé sur ce thème lors de l'examen ?

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