Dossier Littérature anglaise TL - Utopias and Dystopias
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Dossier Littérature anglaise TL - Utopias and Dystopias

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10 Juillet 2018 à 18:56
Salut ! J'ai passé mes oraux de langue cette année et au lieu de les jeter je préfère les partager pour aider des terminales L de l'année prochaine et aider pour l'inspiration. Pour info, j'ai pris anglais LV2 pour le bac donc si il y a des fautes désolée ! Smile Je vous donne ici le dossier Utopias and Dystopias, celui sur lequel je suis passée et auquel j'ai eu 16 Very Happy . Les deux documents étudiés en classe était deux extraits de 1984 de Georges Orwell et mon document personnel était une carte de Reporters sans Frontières traitant de la liberté de la presse dans le monde.

I am going to present the notion Utopias ans Dystopias. First, an Utopia is a representation of a perfect world, with a peaceful government, no war and no problems. On the contrary a Dystopia is a world with many extremes problemes with an oppressive government and a constant war. But can we condidered our society as a dystopia ? First, I will analyze the representation of dystopias and utopias in literature and then, I will compare this representation with our society.
A lot of authors writed dystopias because it is more easier to imagine a bad world than a perfect. There are many examples of dystopias in literature but also in movies. Indeed, in the cinema there are movies like Hunger Games or Divergent but we will interested at books and more specifically to 1984, the Georges Orwell’s dystopia.

In this book, the main character is Winston Smith who lives in a world under government’s control. Indeed, in the incipit, Orwell already places us in the ambiance and the environnment with descriptions like « old rag mats » l.5 or « dust and torn paper outside » l.5 too. There is « no colour in anything » l.30, the world seems very sad. Moreover, we see that the government have the control on everyone and everything with the lot of Big Brothers’s posters, who seems to be the leader of this world. Furthemore, the « police patrol snooping into people’s windows » l.37 and the police is called « the Tought Police ». We undersand that people can not thinking by themselves. Also, people can not do what they want because it is the government which decide. For example « the telescreen can’t be turned off » l.22, then, there is a system which gives constant informations. Concerning the athmosphere, there are many words refering to watching like « eyes » l.15, or « watching » l.16. Moreover, the repetitions like « Big Brother is watching you » or « wind » gives an impression of fear and cold. We have the impression Winston is trapped.

It is the same in the second extract of this book, we see with the sentence « It was B.B’s idea originally of course » l.11 that Big Brother controls everything and people are fanatic about him.

Well, let’s compare this examples with our society. First, nowadays, a lot of countries are controlled concerning the press freedom.
We see with this map that more than twenty countries are in a difficult situation concerning this freedom in two thousand and sixteen. The government can forbid arcticles if they don’t like them. Moreover, today, if there is a disagreement, countries use their weapons immediatelly. There is less and less dialogue, all countries want to show their military force. Furthemore, in many countries there is propaganda, in North Korea for example. Also, in the majority of countries it is governments which controled everything and which take all decisions.

To conclude, I think we can not say our whole society is a dystopia but only few countries. Indeed, there are many poor countries in the world, with a control of the press and an oppressive government. But we can ask ourselves if in few years, the world is going to become a dystopia, controlled only by goverments like in Orwell’s book.

N'oubliez pas l'ouverture car les questions de l'examinateur auront souvent un rapport avec celle-ci (les ouvertures en rapport avec l'actualité sont très bien vues) ! Voilà, encore désolée pour les fautes Razz
(Pour info pour la LELE il faut 2 documents étudiés en cours et un document personnel et il faut choisir 2 notions sur les 3 étudiées durant l'année).
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10 Mai 2019 à 21:51
coucou est il possible d'avoir les docs stp ca m'aiderais enormement ! Smile

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